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Years a go there were lots of models of manual windlasses, but these days folks get the electric windlasses, so it is harder to find manual ones.  On this world wide forum, does anybody know where we can buy a good, preferably new, robust manual windlass for a thirty foot boat?  We wish to buy one for our good friend who has done us so many favors.  

Update for old friends - We are well, now sailing a Cape Dory motorsailor 30' and living in North Carolina.  Life is good.  Our old boat (Tiki 46) Peace IV is in Costa Rica with a young couple who do a lot of fishing, play guitars and sail in Wharram rig (nude) so she is a happy boat still.

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That is great to hear Ann! So happy Peace IV got a good home and you and Neville are back on the water!

As Axel points out below, the Lofrans Royal Horizontal is one of the few small manual winches left now. But from what I understand that are a good little winch.

I’ve seen them advertised for around $900 a few times, so might be worth shopping around, possibly getting a little better price. 

Cheers, Allen

Just found this windlass in the UK for roughly half the US price. Not sure what shipping would add but at the current exchange rate this can be bought in the UK for US$567. Seems to me you could buy a plane ticket and go over there to collect it and get a 'free' vacation for the difference. 

See: https://www.cactusnav.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=lofra...

and they had one model on sale for $480. 

We got the Lofrans Royal and our friend is delighted.  It is lots, LOTS cheaper if you buy direct from the company.  Recently buddy boated with our friend for 5 days and he was delighted with the ease of operation.  Then he did us the favor of giving us a Davis plastic gizmo that removes the mud and gunk from the anchor chain as you bring it aboard.  A weight on one end, and a pulling rope on the other, it rides up and down as needed so you keep the stinky gunk outa the boat.

In the autumn, we intend to buddy boat with him heading south to Bahamas.  

All stay well and keep sailing!  Life is good but even better aboard!

Ann and Nev

"It is lots, LOTS cheaper if you buy direct from the company."

Can you explain how to to do this? Who do you go to...

Thanks and glad it worked out for you and your friend. 

Hi Axel,

I just googled the Lofrans Royal and eventually I got to the page that came direct from the manufacturer which is located in Italy.  Buying directly on that site, worked fine.  Sorry, I am not very skillful with computers, but I think you are, so I will let you search just as  I did until you find it.  

All the best to you, my friend! 

Ann and Nev (now sailing Peace at Last which is a Cape Dory 300MS motor sailor with hand holds everywhere and roller furling everything and booms on main and jib with all lines led aft to his armchair.  This is because Nev has rather unsteady balance and needs hand holds up at chest level to avoid falling down. We are perfecting arm chair sailing!  Ha!  The plan is to sail south again to Bahamas but mostly using the Intra Coastal Waterway rather than going offshore which would not be safe for him now)

Thanks Ann, I did find it easily enough and as you say it is LOTS cheaper. 

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