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What is the cheapest and optimal size and type of Wharram for travel and life on board, solo or duo ?

I write from france ( sorry for my english vocabulary! )
I plan to probably buy a boat soon, both economic , simple and "modest" , in purpose to live without "taste of luxury" ;
I would like to have some opinions or views of owners wharrams ;

A common question : according to you what is the size ( minimal but sufficient) and the type of cata wharram best suited to a long journey (life and travel on long-term ) for a single person or two, large maximum (without children) ?
I thought about the Pahi 31 or tiki 30/31 which seem a good compromise , but I do not know if the interior space of each hull is quite livable on time or too cramped ?
And without going to Pahi 42 or tiki 38, then it remains the Tanenui ( just over 8 meters) and Tangaroa mk 4 ( approximately 10 meters)
Regarding monohull match my search is simple: I would go to traditional sloops from 27 to 30 feet probably ;
For space and not too expensive nor too large catamaran , it becomes more difficult to find in these sizes there , but the catamarans of James wharram seem a good compromise to stay in an accessible boat , not too expensive , artisanal and without extra costs for then manage ;
If it is difficult to find "my choice" in the catamarans, I will stay with the monohulls , but I find "the wharrams" really interesting, in the shape and the "bohemian state of mind

Thank you if there's some replies

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Hello "Galway bay,
I sailed several times on the Arcachon bay, near Bordeaux and ribs around as a crew
on small cruisers (21-27 feet)
I intend to improve myself soon and I agree that the practice is better than theory ;)
Although cats are generally faster on the water than monohulls, but my original question was more in terms of habitability for long cruise (even several years, and in all seasons and latitudes, so it is less hurry to get somewhere) on
wharram cats compared to monohulls in "human" and affordable sizes such as 30, 31 pahi etc., with or without modifications, and in that point of view
it seems more limited compared to mono (according to the diversity of responses too), but it can still can be

Sea you later maybe

Hi Apache.  To clarify:-

For the same length a Wharram will have more space on deck than a mono, but less space inside.  The Wharram will sail the same speed or faster except in short tacking.

For the same weight a Wharram will have a lot more space on deck and more space inside. The Wharram will sail a lot faster because it is much longer for the same weight. As an example my 26ft mono weighed 3.5 times as much as my Tiki 26, and it also cost 3 times as much...

It's difficult to compare by same cost in a general discussion because there is so much variation by type of mono, age, condition, location, etc.

Apache -

I did an edit on my previous post to avoid any offence, which was not my intention.

For me size means mostly cost ££ $$. For the money I have spent I could not buy a decent used family car. My alternative in monos would be a weekend trailer sailer.

I have some minimums I need. My seat must be 45cm above the floor. I must have 90cm above. So I need 1.35 min. headroom. [4 6"]. I need to sit a crew of 2-3 in the galley. This means sitting side by side on a side bench of 1.5m. A double bunk used to be a minimum once....oooh happy days !!

I have sailing minimums. I must operate as a sailboat not motor/sail. I must at a minimum not lose ground under sail in a gale. I must have a rewarding sailing experience and cover good ground each day.

For all these reasons and more I will be staying in multis.

Beware the danger of looking at cabins as if they were apartments. A cabin with 1.8m headroom in the galley may be inoperable at sea. The thing that impresses my mono. visitors most is the constant supply of hot snacks and drinks. You cook in these conditions ?? I am regularly asked.

You must make your own list of minimums. It should include a minimum sailing performance, and accommodation.

Don't bother with owning the best boat. Concentrate on making the best voyage instead.

apache: I too prefer a double canoe over a mono - 'double canoe' like a wharram, but not any multihull like a trimaran and last of all an AC 72.....despite the fact that they are the fastest ever craft to w/ward

However, I will in the future be sailing only in the South Pacific and will not consider berthing fees in a marina in the northern hemisphere. So the greatest advantage of a monohull is not relevant for me, but maybe not so for you

G'day Apace.
I am Gerry on big tane.
My boat big tane is an tanenui 28.
Please look at my profile. I am currently
Living aboard as i have to save up for an refit. I think to keep the cost down,
keep the boat arond 30 ft and that will keep the project cost down as well as giving the living space bridgedeck pod for the gully and dinning saloon as well for mounting the solar panels. An binnimi over the cocpik will help to keep the sun off. The deck space will store an dinghy on the boat. I store mine on the port deck.
I find the length of my tanenui 28 is long enough even though i am widning the beam for an deckpod. That is reconended by james to do.
I hope this has been helpful to you.
Gerry on big tane. Happy new year.

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