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What is the best way to get rid of the dust after sanding wood and before coating?


Just brushing the surface doesn't seem to get the fine dust out. 

I was going to use a rag with alcohol or thinner. I just read, however, in the Gougeon's book, 

"we do not recommend using rags for applying solvents

prior to applying epoxy. If solvents are applied at all, they should be applied with plain white paper towel"

and i got scared that I might contaminate the surface and have problems with the coating again (I just finished scraping a good amount of uncured epoxy)

What would you recommend?

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Brush, followed by compressed air, followed by clean damp lint free rags. Let air dry, then coat.

Thanks Budget Boater, 

I don't have the compressed air... all the other steps I'm going to follow!

I used a shop vac with brush attachment after using the exhaust function to blow all the dust out first. 

I use, brush, and after use rag with a little alcool, works ok, no problem. Don't aply solvents. 

Ok, thanks for the tips!

I also found in the shop a tack cloth which is pretty efficient.

A tack cloth can be a really bad idea when working with epoxy. Whatever it is impregnated with may interfere with the ability of the epoxy to cure. If you're going to wipe it down, either use a damp cloth or a cloth saturated with acetone or lacquer thinner.


Didn't know that.... In the shop they recommended the tack cloth... I'll be careful about it

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