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i can not get around to ask this question here. why do you chose to get a Wharram? sail one or build one...???

Do you agree with the Wharram philospy or do you give a shit about this and only want to have a "cheap" boat...

maybe, you found here in this wharram community (websace)a playground to spread out your dreams and ideas...

WHAT IS IT, WHAT WE WANT....from James wharram and his designs?

after posting this to-many-wharrams-rest-in-a-boatyard discussion.

i would like to know why we are here and discussing....

cheers Hans


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Guys.. You dont run it past your wife.. Ever!

This is where James is the master..

What you do is you acquire a 'helper' to 'just do the sanding and some filleting'.. And then allow whatever is to be to grow.. In this way, not only does your wife get accustomed to having your new 'helper' around, but you also get the boat built much quicker!

Then you continue the story by suggesting to your wife that a third person will be helpful for watches, working the sails, and cooking while underway.

And it is in this moment when you begin to appreciate the true beauty of owning a multihull... :)

Besides which, you can also tell her that this way one of them will be responsible for one hull, that is, one will do the cooking, the other will take care of cleaning and fixing the toilet. You being the captain will of course have to be responsible for commanding the ship and your duty will demand you to do frequent inspections in both hulls.


I ran it past my wife and she said that as far as she was concerned I might have a harem aboard. Then I remembered we have divorced a long time ago and her title is actually "the ex".  ;c)

I think I may have an insight as to why you got divorced, he, he!

Ricardo, no reason why she cant pick up some sand paper too. :)

Having gone to a "school of great minds", and being a life long student of management, the correct term for that position is "Sanding Wench."  To have one you must first earn this T-Shirt:


Haha... Omar, where can I purchase a few of these for a growing Harem of 'Sanding Wenches'?

Imagine what one could do with a Pahi 63? 

Well, on a more serious note ( if that's possible in this discussion), this would be a good business opportunity for someone to raise funds for this site.  Put this logo on the front of a t-shirt and slap the Wharram logo on the back.  Under the Wharram logo place the following quote "Why have one, when you can have two?" James Wharram.  It would be great if you could get permission from James to use his signature.


I'd love to have a shirt like that and take a Wharram boat for display at a tight-laced boat show like Georgetown, S.C.


Not really, I was absolutely faithful throughout the five years of marriage. And I still like her a lot. Just that we were not good together.

As to multiple women... well, after divorce I met this bloke who actually had six of them on a regular basis, all girlfriends. So I got competitive (yes, used to do that a lot when I was younger), and started getting my harem too. Got up to four and just gave it up. Found out that I was not made for it, I'd rather have only one. You see, first time is never that good but it has the extra oomph of conquest and newness and all that. Then, as you get into a relation you loose that but you start knowing what she likes, how and when, you start getting your timing and sensitivity good, and things get better. But when you have four women you never get to get your timing and feeling ok, in that area it keeps being as if it were the first time, but it's not the first time, you don't have the extra oomph. So it's not good for me.

But hey, that's just me. Lot's of blokes out there are happy the other way round.

Never tried James' setup yet. You know, two women you can get to know. But I guess I'll leave that for when I get my cat done (good, just another reason to get the cat started).  ;c)

Shaun said:

I think I may have an insight as to why you got divorced, he, he!
"There can be only one", "sensitivity", "timing", "what she likes, how and when", my word old chap you are positively as smooth as silk, does the special "one" happen to read your forum postings?

Hahaha, not that good really.

No steady relationship right now.

And not so smooth as that. Can be a real pain when I'm in the mood, and I can get really unsensitive at times.

So you see, there are many thorns in that silk.

Shaun said:

"There can be only one", "sensitivity", "timing", "what she likes, how and when", my word old chap you are positively as smooth as silk, does the special "one" happen to read your forum postings?
I suppose what all this shows, to bring this thread back to its roots, is that most of the characters that frequent and use this wonderful forum, based around a very unique style of boat are, by and large, a very strange and complex group.

Now this obviously is a matter of perspective but, when you consider how many walks of life we all come from and how differing the levels of experience are (in building, in sailing, in experimenting with things outside of the societal norm), it must seem strange to those on the outside looking in.

Terms and concepts like flexi space and lashing hulls together, on everything from 14 feet through to 63 feet, must indeed confound those in the so called normal world. Making the world work without an engine, driving a ship with an ancient design crab claw or steering with oars that shift and balance the center of lateral resistance to go in a certain direction, well, 'my god, these people must be mad, we pity the fools who would go to sea in such a fashion'.

Well folks, I for one cannot claim to be without insanity, at least in some small measure, I think it keeps me from going insane and it is the desire to chase horizons outside the box, to explore the world in a way that might cause others to say things like "you did WHAT, you must be mad, I could never do such a thing!", and that is what, to a certain degree, has drawn me to James Wharram's, Hanneke Boon's and Ruth's designs and method of exploring the world.


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