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Hey there David,
Thank you for posting that, I have often heard that little boys/girls need a father figure to look up to and that piece just sums it up perfectly.
If I never grow up, I want to be just like him!

Shaun, we can be brothers! I love Papa Wharram... :)

Yep thank you for this link and for French guy on this forum the same : http://www.multihulls-world.com/fr/011-1319-Habemus-Wharram.html

Josh if you're Shaun's brother we are probably cousin with our 'papa' Bernard MOITESSIER, waow what's a big family :)

 I think the author was thinking of Ruth..... .they walked away arm in arm, just like when they were twenty years old.

It was not Spirit of Gaia in Sete but Largyalo from Petra and Bertie.

Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

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