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hi all,i have been a bit dissapointed in some of the visual quality of the work i have done.i am not worried about the strength of the construction so far as extra effort has gone into this.i have noticed the people who have built a few boats have excellent results,is this just down to experience of doing more boat construction,carpentry?now my intention is not to have a showboat but more pretty will not go amiss.i have been telling myself that i have been following the ancient but forgotten art of buffalo boat building ie she ain't purty but she is strong;) cheers paul.


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i+h you know you are right,maybe my ego needs a bit of buffalo boat building technique.

where is lack? carpentry? finish of resin work? painting? all have different  solutions.


A friend who has built a T26 advised me early not to make it too perfect in the finish because it might lead to the attitude that you will be worried to go anywhere as you might get a scratch on your perfect finish.

I am still making it as good as I can and find that this leaves sufficent room for errors. In my finish Iam looking for perfect protection and a good overall appearance. I agree with Hans that most of a boat`s beauty on the water is in how well she is organized and how smartly she runs.


yes...and the horror!!!! gasp! some people actually enjoy sanding!

Enjoy sanding..................................they can't be of this world?????

Hmmmm. Time on the water versus sanding............................time on the water versus sanding!!! It's a tough one....................hard decision to make!!


I agree with all comments so far. There is a good middle ground of being thorough and making sure that the glass sheathing covers all exterior ply with no missed bits or sanding too far through the edges back to ply again - basically making sure the protection coatings of your beloved creation are complete. But don't sweat over the perfect gloss finish. The first time you get back aboard with sand all over your feet, or pull in the anchor all covered in mud, or rattle a bit of the chain over the deck, or make a heavy landing against a dock etc will give your boat its character scratches.


Better to have a battle scarred boat with many a story to tell than a perfect work of art full of potential tied up to the dock.

Keep it strong Paul and she will be purty!

I read somewhere: "Think that you would sell her when she is finished" . That created an emotional distance and helped me in not getting into the details too much.

Ha! The only thing that let me live with our less than perfect finish was the knowledge that she was mine forever.  I'm pretty easy to please: worrying about a buyer would make my life miserable.



If you want to look at something perfect, something truly beautiful, try looking out at sea during a passage.  That is something no amount of effort on your part can equal.  Ann and Nev

Ann and Neville, thank you for this (for me) ringing conclusion to the discussion! I've printed your comment out and pinned it to the wall of the boat shop! Should help me throttle back a bit when I start thinking about various trim options as we build the Narai.


Paul, just build to your abilities and to the plans, it is amazing what a couple coats of paint will do!

And what Ann & Nev says.

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