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Hello all,

I'm soon to remount my outboard on my slowly reinvented Tangaroa but its a tiller steer and l'm putting it in a position which will make using the tiller arm for control a pain in the arse,for safety and common sense a control box will be best,has anyone done the conversion from one to the other?

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35 years ago I had a cat with tiller steer and control outboard, remote  control was via 4 strings , 1 fast 1 slow , 1 to pull the gear lever fwd and 1 to pull it back.    It cost nothing and worked fine, reliable too, the strings came through 4 holes in a plywood engine box and were labelled, color coded and identifiable by feel with knots. I may try it again as the older yamaha remote cables are a pain to connect and disconnect .

Thanks Dave,definately worth a thought,at least in the mean time.

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