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I have a Tiki 46 I would be willing to sell. It needs work, but the aluminum masts, rigging, sails heads, beams, and hulls are in good shape.  The windshield, patio decking, and starboard rudder need repair. Needs two outboard motors. 

Kittywake. It's in Pensacola. See our page on Wharram builders. Built in 2005 -7and sailed several years in the Keys, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Mexico.

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Hi Jeff , any photos , mods , price etc ......

Sorry I mean recent photos.....

I will try to get photos, but it is 30 miles away. The Deckpod is about 6 inches taller than in the plans. The Deckpod and cockpit are about 12 ft wide instead of ?10 ft in the plans. The engine mounts are beefed up and carried 200 pound outboards. The tillers, gaffs, and bowsprit are thicker than in the plans. The bowsprit is a little longer than in the plans. The boarding ramp is divided in half to make it easier to raise.  I am still working on the price.

Ok can you get back to me please.....Thanks Mark

...if the price is interesting... let me know...

I would be interested when you have some pics and what you want for her 

             Im in Florida so when your ready ill come take a look



Friend request sent. I'm looking for a Tiki 46. Would love to negotiate terms.

Same, just made this account because I am interested in a Tiki 46!

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