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Hi I know the weight is supposed to be 3000 empty and 5000 kg loaded and .75 m draught but is the .75 at 3 or 5000kg and has anyone measured to see how deep their boat actually sits in the water empty and or loaded.  Or where the waterline should be when looking at the topsides in relation to the chine or below the beams for example. Or how much weight it will take to sit the boat down another inch etc. My boat is lightly loaded and I haven,t measured but my impression is that it may sit deeper than .75m. although it has plenty of bridgedeck clearance.        

    There must be a lot of variation in build weights of different boats due to modifications and materials.

I looked at a trimaran once and the designer was able to give me a close estimate of weight when I gave him the distances from the bow and stern to the waterline.  Turned out to be 1800 kg overweight mostly added in the build as the owner wanted to make it stronger.

The Pilgrim crossing video looks like a fairly light boat to get such good speeds , or does everyones t 38s hit 16 kts?  

I havent had my 38 long and have only sailed a few hundred miles in it so far so do not have a good feel for its performance yet but will be adding more weight with 2x 4 stroke 9.9 motors etc etc to fit plus the gear required to go sailing for a few months. The 2000 kg loading/ 5000kg limit can get used up pretty quickly I am sure.


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G'day Dave,
I am Gerry on big tane.
Big tane is an tanenui 28.
I am an liveaboard and the best soulution is to keep the boat light and weight balanced then you will get the most out of sailng.
Gerry on big tane.

The plans for my Tiki 26 have a page with some pretty specific data on waterline posistion and weights.

They give you a waterline position lightly loaded and then every 3 cm equals a certain amount of weight.

If you can get a hold of some tiki 38 plans i'm sure that detail will be there too. 

Hi I do have some plans on the boat, but not sure if that info is on it, I will have another look next time I am there, it says plan no 1 so assuming it was the first set sold. Build was completed around 1999.

  At a guess I suspect most would come out at over 3000 kg build weight, It seems pretty light for a 38 ft cat.  I had a 32 ft  strip plank cedar racing cat that was around that weight and only had a draught of around 400mm with boards and rudders up.  

My boat doesn,t look to be sitting lower in the water from other  t 38s I see in photos.

Hi Dave

The draft on my t 38 is more like 930mm. Yours looks to be sitting about the same as mine. I think my boat is definitely heavier than the plan weights but she still sails fine. I once sailed back from GT Barrier Is. and in 20 gusting  25 knots hit 14.3 with just my spinnaker up. I know I could have gone faster but I'm cruising not racing. I am very happy with her speeds. Pilgrim was pushing his boat pretty hard especially at the last stage of the trip. Are you busy Tues ,wed- have got another mate building a T38 coming to look over the boat. You're most welcome too. Brett

Thanks for that, I might try to catch  up some time around Xmas New Year when I will be sailing up around the Gulf. 

That 930 deep is probably around where mine is , a lot more than 750 , [hopefully that 750 corresponds to 3000kg and not 5000kg ]It would be interesting to know the weight, plus there is a lot of weight to still be added for a trip to the Islands.   Seems they can handle being loaded as most all that are off shore cruising will be carrying a lot of gear.

With the v hulls that extra 180mm could be close to  2 tonne extra weight.  Mine must have been heavy when it had the 2x 27 hp Yanmars and all the associated shafts, fuel etc. I have just got 2 used Yamahas from Aus so will be making new mounts to fit them in next year, but will be trying to not add too much extra weight.   The T 46 would be a  good size longer term but a lot more cost to buy and work to own .       .Dave

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