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Thanks, Budget Boater, for helping to spread the information about the Tiki 38 forward mast case.

It is also well to note that the FORWARD MAST CASE IN THE PLANS FOR THE TIKI 46 was changed as a result of our experience on our first sail back in 2002.  Peace was built according to Plan #1 so she was the prototype.   If your Tiki 46 has a substantial doubler piece of hardwood that fits under the bow sprit where it passes over the forward crossbeam, then your boat is built to the better, modified, plan.  When we discovered cracks on the forward part of our forward mast case, Nev made a strong and simple modification to our boat which has served well for almost 50,000 miles including the trans Atlantic we completed later that first year.  This was approved by Hanneke and James when they visited us at the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic, Connecticut a few years ago. 

It is a good thing for all of us to stick together and share information.  In the auto world, when design faults are found, the governments require call backs and the manufacturers make repairs.  But in the case of home built boats, we are the manufacturers and so it is right that the designers inform us of changes that need to be made.  And it is important that we make those modifications.

Yup thanks for this info and the pics. Dragon's mast case has been built to plan and she's nearly 10 years old and done a bit of sailing and has shown no signs of stress. But I will keep a careful eye on it and may well add some timber to it for peace of mind.


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