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In planning out my Tanenui build I see that to accomplish my goal of open, unobstructed deckspace I'll need to use the Tiki 30 rig. The 30's rig is listed as an alternate Tanenui wingsail application, but JWD didn't include plans on how to accomplish the 30-rig implementation. They also haven't responded to messages requesting this info, at least as of this writing. Does anyone have Tiki 30 rig plans that they'd be willing to share?



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What other options are there for the mainsail?  I always imagined the wingsail was just a shortcut to make the mast easier to build, essentially to avoid making channels for a boltrope type rig, but getting a similar effect.  I remember you had less than great performance from it on your way to Bimini when you finished the T30.  I wasn't sure if you ever replaced it with something else or not.  

boatsmith said:

add a sprit. I personally won't use the gaff wingsail again. The stock T30 rig was in my opinion too small for the boat. 

never once did we reef. several times in 35-40 apparent wind speed.  

I use aluminum masts with a big roach full batten marconi sail

Well that certainly opens up a lot of options on the used sail market. tnx 

boatsmith said:

I use aluminum masts with a big roach full batten marconi sail

I do like the Tiki rig. A lot . I like the looks and the ease of trim of all sides of the sail .It performs well on all points of sail. What I like a lot too is that one can get rid of the sail in just  moments without having to turn into the wind . Very convenient if you sail in an area with frequent squalls . What i do not like is the cumbersome way it is reefed , this is more so a hassle when one has a bimini . One can add a boom which makes the sail easier to reef but then one largely loses the abililty to drop the sail without turning into the wind .

if you want a larger sail area ,simply make a larger mast. We have a brand new Tiki 30 with a mast 2  mtr longer then standard . You get quite a bit of extra sail area . Not only the main but also the jib and the screecher or gennaker . We make our masts out of simple alu pipe with wooden inserts for top and foot . Easy , quick and cheap 

What also helps is eliminating the hated forestay bridle and replacing it with a beam & gull striker. You get better windward performance and the possibility to make a larger jib.as the tack of the jib can be lower.

We also built a "Hitia " 26 , i.e. two T 26 hulls minus the  cabins . Decks raised to hull top level . Beam increased by 90cm , beam nr 2 and 3   mast sections from a wrecked 42 ft trimaran, beam nr 1 (not counting the beam for the forestay ) 4 " dia alu pipe . Rig of the boat is that of a Tiki 30 , albeit that the foot of the main is slightly shortened to maintain the correct angle between clew and main sheet . We use her for camping charter . She goes like stink. Due to the increased beam she is very stable too and we still have to reef only rarely . 

Increasing the beam also results in maintaining shroud angles which are still acceptable when using a taller then standard mast .

  Maxim Jurgens 

            Siam Sailing, Phuket, Thailand

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