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Tiki 30

I have already purchased and will be using a 32ft Aluminum Mast. Is there any revision on the Dolphin Striker? Can I eliminate it (the dolphin striker) with the aluminum mast by reinforcing the support under the mast?



Steve Soward

Chattanooga Tennessee

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My thought would be no......unless the beam were reinforced with significant composites. I am assuming you are planning on the stock sail plan. If you are planning on a marconi rig with that mast the loads will be quite a bit less and will require less reinforcement as the loads will be quite a bit less due to the reduced  sail area. 

Don't eliminate.

I agree with Rogerio,the forces may be less but they will be repetitive.If anything it will give you peace of mind,

The weight of the mast has nothing to do with the compression from loading against the windward shrouds. The difference in weight is only an additional factor, but a minimal one at that. As Rogerio said " Don't eliminate "

Always do at least what is in the plans.  If you do more, try to make it light weight.  You can always ask James and Hanneke.   Good luck!

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