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Hi ,

I have just joined the group and am interested in building a Tiki 30 for possible blue water adventures.

I have seen this Tiki 30 in the estuary in Motueka NZ and wondered if this has been an owner custom build , raising the deck , or is this an build option that comes with a set of Wharram plans ??

Raising the cross beams and increasing wave clearance and head room in the hulls seems to a positive to me especially if planning any ocean crossings.

The boat was launched 2014 and still has some temporary ply mock ups on board.I have not been able to to find the owner at this time.

Any thoughts ??

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looks pretty nice. This is a custom mod JWD doesn't really offer variations of their designs.

She does look nice.

But, do you need to modify (improve???) a well proven ocean sailing vessel?

Raising the beams etc will increase windage and add increased loads to beam joints, all of which would need careful consideration

If you haven't already, get a copy of the Wharram design book and read the articles on his website.

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