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having been looking at a huge amount of pictures it seems the tiki 28 is the one i would like to step upto yet it seems to be a dark horse very little info has anyone built one? and can we get the plans? 

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The Tiki 28 does not have plans for amateur build. It was profesionally buildt long time ago, and they build only 3 or 4 boats. I think the Tiki 30 is the amateur version of the Tiki 28. as is the Tiki 38 of the Tiki 36.

I believe this boat was built in glass by the Wharram shop in the eighties or by Imagine. There weren't very many built.

I actually read a post on the old wharram forum yesterday about someone who extended a Tiki 26 in Tonga to 28 feet. 

He said that it sailed well and was extremely happy with the performance. The post is dated back to 2003 but he incuded his email for those interested in learning more about his modification. I emailed him and am waiting a reply.

Here's the link: http://www.wharram.eu/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1045118147

Good Luck!

 I was lucky to be invited out for a few day-sails on what was i think the first one built. This boat was called IMAGINE and the builders i think called themselves IMAGINE MULTIHULLS.  It was ply-epoxy and had as planned a sort of pop-up pod [ solid top soft sides ] very like the pop-up top on a camper-van. This boat I think is the same one that was sold on this site a year or so ago in the UK. The pop-up seems to have been replaced with a solid pod which would be better as the folded pod took up a lot of room. The hull interior was pretty low volume hard to see it carrying a large amount of cruising kit or stores but boy !! it sailed like a witch !! must have been the fastest thing in Sligo Sailing Club. 

the tiki 28 is ply-epoxy and was built by JWD. my recollection is that only 4 were built. the tiki 30 has more freeboard and clearnce under the pod.

I found in the loft an old boat test of the Tiki 28, it was from a short lived multihull magazine 'Sail Multihull' I've posted the report in the pictures page.

Super post. What a nostalgia fest we are having here ! The artwork / layout / design in these catalogs and reviews is super, absolutely outstanding,and all done without computer just pen and paper - just like navigation used to be done too !!

Thank you everyone especially for the article fantastic

Andy Smith -phillipines Wharram builder- has pics of the tiki28 and 36 in his gallery. Old pics but he must have them as a build option.

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