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I have complete unbuilt Tiki 26 Plans available in their original folder, 300 Euros includes postage anywhere...

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Hi Al, I can offer 250 Euro including postage, and I can pay you today.  Deal?

Hi Chris, thanks for the reply. I can drop by 10 Euros to 290 for Germany (only) domestic post if you are still interested.

Hi Al

I am interested in buying your plans.
I will pay 300 Euro. I live in Denmark

My mail is: rellom@gmail.com


Hi Rune

You should have an email in your Inbox..



Did you buy these Rune?

Or are they still for sale?

Yes, I bought them.

Nothing has been built from them yet, but that will hopefully change :)

Or maybe you want to sell them? ;)
To me

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