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Would someone with a Tiki 26 built to plans please measure bow to bow so I know the width between hulls from center line to center line?

I would also like the measurement from the center of the front beam to the center of the rear beam parallel to the hulls or in the direction the boat goes. Many thanks!



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Greetings Bill,

Hope this finds Houston, Betsy, and yourself in good trim! What's going on?

Center to center,  is 10 1/2' on the plans. The cockpit is 8' in length plus its ledgers that support it on the beam chords.

I'll double-check the actual dimensions on Vaea and report back.

Take care,


Excuse me! You meant the distance between the fore beam and the aft beam, I realize, not the mast beam/aft beam. Can't see that on the plans. They show the position of the beam locating blocks just in front of the forward bulkhead, but I'll measure Vaea to get a dimension.

Hi Kim, we are all well, hope you and Sue are well too!

We moved the boat from the Texas Gulf coast to Kentucky right on the "Great Loop", it is gorgeous! Took two trips but it was well worth it.

Anyway, having a shop built on our property for the boat, these dimensions are for designing the truss's for lifting the boat assembled. Four points, fore beam & aft beam in the middle of each hull using 2" tubular webbing. The truss engineer says it is best if the load is placed right at the joint where the two webs meet on the bottom cord. The truss will also be doubled, (Two nailed together).

If I have my numbers right the beam of each hull = 3'11"
Total Beam = 15' 1"

Therefore, Center to Center = 15'1" - 3'11" = 11'2"

The sketchup model I made of your old trailer shows 128" or 10.7'

Thanks Kim, tell Sue "Hello" from us.



Hi Kim, While you are at Vaea, will you measure from tip of bow back to center beam as well. My Plans ans boat are in KY and we are back in Denver, thanks!


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