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tiki 26 honey badger swap for Narai mk1v.

Wow! What an adventure it has been for me and my little ship up the east coast of Australia . I have spent a week on a deserted island with only myself and the mozzies for company. Then onto Middle Percy island that is legendary amongst cruisers.
I have met some awesome people along the way and had some great sailing too. In fact the best speed I got out of Honey Badger was13.2 knots.a friend has just done the trip on a Farrier and could only match that speed.

To cut a long story short I am now in the Pioneer river Australia and have met another wharram enthusiast who has quickly become a firm friend. We have struck a deal that basically means my boat for his Narai.The reasons are convoluted but his acquiring a Roberts 34 ft yacht for free means he has plenty enough on his plate.
The Narai is on the hard.She needs a lot of work but is sound below the waterline.There is some rot but nothing a bit of epoxy and ply won't fix. it just so happens that my mate ha access to more epoxy than you can throw a stick at.
I will be approaching this renovation from a different angle to the building of Honey Badger. Reclaimed materials and a crab claw rig are on the cards.

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Whats happening to the tiki26? I am looking for something a bit bigger than my hinemoa which is currently down in Brisbane
I will ask my mate in the morning as to what his intentions are.
I would like to add images but am not sure how to do it from my phone onto this site.
It can be difficult to impossible to add images from a mobile device.
cheers mate.
So I have made all new hatches for the Narai. I am busy working out how to configure the 6m aluminium scaffolding planks as replacement beams for the boat.At this stage they will sit in the beam troughs and will be chokked and lashed like the tikis. 3 of them per beam should do the trick.
A lot of hull sanding and some glassing to come.She's a lot more boat than a t26 for sure.

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