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I need a new engine for my tiki 26

I had a Yamaha 8hp two stroke

I'm thinking about a Yamaha 6hp 4 stroke

what about you? is it enough?

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I don't know the Yamaha, but I have a Mercury 6hp 4 stroke and I am very satisfied with it.

i dont need my yamaha 6hp 2 stroke if someone want it , it is near Sete, south France, replaced by torqeedo  1003 electric ...

I replaced my 5hp 2-stroke with this Nissan 6hp Sailpro:


Extra long shaft, and comes with the flatter, big-eared prop that pushes sailboats better than the small eared screws.

most of you uses 6HP

Andrés and Kim: how fast your engine pushes the boat?

Laurent: how fast your Torqeedo pushes the boat? above all for how long?

For sure it doesn t go faster than the 6 hp and for so long but it is enough to handle in port . I think the torqeedo 1003 long shaft is equivalent to the speed of a 4hp thermic engine . Only with the included lithium battery it run during 3hours but not at full speed . It is different with the state of sea and wind and current , but with light boat with no windage  it is ok . For security with  one or two 100ah lipo4 lithium battery, i expect to cover extra uses . There is a associate 45w flex solar pannel . And a little hydrogenerator i never used at the moment but for long passage may be ? I can use the Torqeedo for the dingy because it is so light , separate in 3 part it can be store easily without odor or oil inside the hull . No noise, no smell, no polution, no need to find gaz somewhere . It is quite expensive if you buy it new  for a little 26' if you compare to the thermic but after the energy is free...There is other more powerfull Torqeedo models equivalent  the power of thermics ...


Electric engine is a really wonderful Idea. we've used a light electric engine last summer (56 lb) and it pushed our tiki26 (4 people crew, water and what else for long cruise), at 2,5 knot, but with moderate breeze it was really hard to go into the port.  Anyway if it would be possible I would prefere an electric engine. I think it's not the right moment for it yet. 

...do exist more powerful models of electric engine ??

the torqeedo 1003 L ( long shaft is very important to not loose energy with cavitation) is done for 102 lb to compare with the light electric motor used by fishermen ( Minnkota) , a 56lb will not be enought for 1000kg boat in breeze and waves . on the Torqeedo web site you can find other electric engines more powerfull 2.0 and 4.0 ... equivalent to 6ph thermic .  

Adriano, in flat water, the 6hp will push the tiki 26 to 7 knots. Outside the harbor, when the wind against the tide sets up some really bumpy chop, perhaps 3.5 knots.  The long shaft, mounted in the sled on my tiki, Vaea, gets the prop down near the deepest part of the tiki's hulls; this maximizes the thrust of the motor on the boat.

I usually use a 3 gallon tank for daysailing, while I have both  6 and 9 gallon tanks available. Fuel consumption (lots of variables here) is said to be a gallon per hour. That seems high to me though: I have motored out the 5 mile long channel and back in at the end of the day, and the gauge shows barely 1/2 gallon used. The quieter operation of the 4-stroke is really appreciated! Conversations are now possible without screaming!

I too have bought the same motor as Kim,i paid about au$ 1800 for it but it looks the goods and time will tell...

in Italy we do not have the Nissan outboard dealer, neither tohatsu. I'm looking for something second hand. I think yamaha do not have extra long shaft

so, now the last question

for (almost) the same weight and the same price

would you prefer

- 9.9 HP, 2 stroke, 2 cylinder 


- 6HP, 4 stroke, 1 cylinder

no mater noise and smell, but I need it to:

- run for hours

- live for ever

- never have a problem

- ...

Usually  I motor-cruise at 5-6 knots when there is no chop. I prefer 5 knots because there is less noise and vibration. The consumption is very low but I never did the calculation. It can run for hours without any problem. My motor has 6 or 7 years and only has to change a rotor in the refrigeration system. I think it has the features you are looking for:

- run for hours

- live for ever

- never have a problem

Years ago I had a 2T Kawasaki motorcycle and It has some problems for start. The Mercury never failed me at the start, and this is very important to me.

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