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Hi all

I have a question regarding tiki 26
-Regrading the backing pads for the jib traveler and the canvas seats located on the inside of the cabin.
There is very little information in the plans for this just a small note in the rigging pages. There is a small  drawing for the jib traveler which says "1nch thick ply backing pad transversing bulkhead". In the drawing it looks like the backing pad goes all the way down to the gunnel's. Is this to accommodate the screws for the seats also? In that case am I to assume the backing pad would be 8 feet long?
The boat is coming along nicely. we are just finishing glassing the hulls all the interior is painted so I was a bit surprised to read about the backing pads in the rigging section. Could anyone advise me how to fit the jib backing pad and I assume the seats will also need a backing pad.
warm regards 

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Perhaps you can consider making solid seats with drawers underside, insteed of canvas.

My boat has this type of seats and they are very usefull. In these drawers I have ropes, the battery, the gas tank, etc. It is nice to have a place where you can put wet ropes without wetting the cabins.

Hi Andres

Thanks for the photo and advice. I still may build the seats out of plywood. It does give you lots of storage space.

I guess the down side is extra weight and perhaps more difficult to trailer. thanks again ...Pat

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