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Hi all,

I am the lucky new owner of a tiki 21. Its my first wharram and I am very excited to do the necessary work and get her in the water. I will put some photos and info up as soon as i can :)

This is a great site and have much enjoyed the sharing of many of your stories and wisdom.

I am however in search of a mainsail for her, in the process of getting quotes and thought i would throw out a line to see if anybody had some for sale? Any help would be appreciated.

Im in Byron Bay Australia, can contact me on 0415221818.

Thanks everyone 

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Can't help you on the used ones, but should you order new, get a quote from Rolly Tasker Sails.Good sails at a good price.

Check out Roger's posts: he is now sailing with new Rolly Tasker sails on his tiki 21.

x2. good on ya mate,the ole tiki will feel right at home there in Byron amongst all those hippies ;)I bought my tasker sails thru a mob down in Sydney called Sail Solutions.

cheers paul.

Thanks for the info guys. Do you know if the price Rolly Tasker give you include duty tax and whatnot? 

The sailrite kits look good too. Do you need an industrial sewing machine for them? What about the grommets for reefing positions?


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