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Hi everybody, I am interested in building the smallest one were I can seat upright.

I´ve read the 21 doesn´t have enough room to do that, but I wonder how much more do I need, maybe I could rise the cabin tops.

If some one could post the dimensions from bunk level to the underside of the cabins, I´ll be thankfull.


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I like this idea removable hard cabin toppers... maybe even ones that can come apart and be stored on board... I've been thinking of something like this for my T21... definitely cheaper and faster than building a T26... However I would still rather a T26... More room and more storage = more comfort and longer trips

I had been considering a larger 21 at 23,5'. Same one sheet high sides but using more of sheet and same number of butt joint. could certainly get the 90cm. Would imagine like the Tiki 24 that never happened. ended up going with something altogether bigger, but may do it someday. let me know how you're turns out.

What is the smallest I can sit up in is a very good design question. I sometimes ask what is the smallest I can stand up in. Unfortunately both questions show up a design limitation in deep "vee"design. My pahi31 is approx.1800 [5ft 10in]high but 400 [16in] of this is "lost"under the floorboards - so only 1350 [4ft6in] headroom. The smaller the boat the less you can afford this loss - in a large boat it may make very little difference. You can increase headroom by higher cabins etc. but less obviously perhaps by using a hull which is wider. Shallow "vee" [hard chine] or a dory will allow you to lower the floor thus getting the extra room you need. A dory [flat bottom panel ] of 20cm [8"] will add 20cm to headroom. Of course you are now well on the way to designing or buying plans for a different boat.

Please do not hear this as a blanket criticism of deep "vee" boats whether designed by JWD or not. Tiki 21 is an award-winning boat and deservedly so. Ther are many reasons for our choice of design and "I just want a Wharram" is as valid as any. However "the smallest I can stand up in " and "the smallest I can sit up in" are probably not deep "vee"hulls.


This is the story of Badu, a tiki 21 liveabord!!!!

Go to picture gallery, click on Badu.

Thanks Mawibo... I might not have been clear in my last post... Thanks for re-posting the link

This picture of my buddy Rich gives a good idea of the size of the Tiki 21 accommodations.


Thanks for the picture.

In line of what LastParadise wrote, I really like the one sheet high sidepanels.

I thought about scaling up an 10%  from the original T21 dimensions, would be very easy to do, and then adding a little height in the cabin tops. That could give me 90 cm and not look too odd. Wonder if it would be too much trouble.

One thing I´d like to keep is the original mast height, that can be done with just one alu tube, without welding.

Just thinking,




Wow, the picture really does portray how small the 21 really is. Circumnavigation anyone?

Seriously though, I think the slightly scaled up boat would be great. I think, 1AND 1/8 is what looked like would use all of 3 8' sheets buttjointed. Whatever is easy math wise. 10% easier in metric. Plans seem to be in metric and imperial. Let us know how you make out. Won't be doing a small Tiki for many years, but you never know!


People: I think that this is a very interesting issue, a few months ago I did the consultation to JW, my question was actually increase the freeboard about 2 or 3 inches, I still hope the answer. The idea of raising around 10% also goes in my head, is more agree with the idea of making a scale model. I think that there would be many stakeholders in this size of tiki.
Greetings and to continue providing data!

Hi Darwin,
Did you finally increased your Tiki 21freeboard by 3 inches?
Did JW reply to you on the matter?
I have been looking at pods and canopies for the 21. Pods are not good if you want to have the crest of a wave between your hulls and still be stable. Even a hard deck is too much. I would go up in the hulls and get the decks converted to net, as Rory did.
Where do you sail?


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