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Hi everybody, I am interested in building the smallest one were I can seat upright.

I´ve read the 21 doesn´t have enough room to do that, but I wonder how much more do I need, maybe I could rise the cabin tops.

If some one could post the dimensions from bunk level to the underside of the cabins, I´ll be thankfull.


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The T26 is the way to go IMHO

The Tiki 26 has 90 cm headroom over bunks, which can be extended (according to the study plan) to 100cm.

The Studyplan for the Tiki 21 does not mention any interior headroom.

IMHO you should not go below 90 cm ...

Depends perhaps what you mean by smallest? Do you mean most economical?If so perhaps you should be looking at how to keep the cost of building a tiki27 as low as possible?Many builders use very best marine ply all new sails and rig etc. Excellent if you have the choice but otherwise...

 I am not advocating a lash-up of dodgy materials but remember Annie Hill's BADGER for instance is good exterior ply and to the best of my knowledge so was James' RONGO [and without epoxy].

Used sails are v,good value but I do realise it is hard to put cast-offs on a new baby!!

These boats really do SAIL they can manage very well with a small outboard - there are plenty of good used ones about.

When I was building [1990] James was suggesting exterior ply, galvanised screws even plain mild steel chainplates etc. This is how many of the CLASSICS were built and why not -- it is still how most commercial craft operate.

Again I am not suggesting you abandon all standards. I for example built a cheap but safe cockpit and accepted that I would have to replace it --and it lasted ten years.

You must look at each component and say - nice to have or must have?

Galway bay you speak wisdom here my friend,i have found this to be the case when it comes to so called top quality plywood being rather less that what it claims.I feel the same can be said for a lot of the paint on the market,one thing i was happy to spend the money on was west epoxy as for me it is tried and tested product.

cheers paul.

Ralf, thanks for the T26 dimensions.

If someone with a T21 could measure the same it could be great.

As the first sentence of the dicussion says, " I am interested in building the smallest one WERE I CAN SEAT UPRIGHT", that´s exactly what I meant.

Without diverging for the topic, I realy like the T21 side panels being made for just 1 plywood piece, instead of the T26 2 pieces. An generaly the lighter, faster build. I think it is the best way to get a feel of catamarans for me. That said I have never seen one of these live.

I wonder how much would I need to raise the cabin tops of a T21 to get sitting headroom.

Regards, and thanks for the help

Grumpy old man used your name in a discussion which had nothing to do with you. Apologies. You have few replies to your query. I think this because your question falls in the "how long is a piece of string"category. Let us start with the Tiki21.  If you have a sheet of squared paper or even the back of an envelope handy the cross section of each hull at max beam is close to depth af gunwhale to keel.  Now how wide do you think this bunk should  be? If 50cm then it is 50 cm above keel. If you sit on this bunk how far to the floorboard? If floor is 35 cm wide then bunk is only 15 cm [6""]above floor. Is this acceptable/comfortable? After you have solved these problems and added the headroom you need how high is the cabin? Is this ugly or pleasing? Perhaps if you increased the freeboard the cabin would be more in scale with the boat overall?

I think you will have re-invented the Tiki 26. I think this is why you have so few replies.

Grumpy old man does his best. 

It also depends on your size.

My back ist around 90cm long, so going smaller than a Tiki 26 would not allow me to sit upright.

I was aboard Rory's Tiki 21 at the boat show in Southampton in the UK.  It looked like something you would "put on" rather than get into.  He has had a wonderful run on Cookie and made heroic passages, but I feel certain you would be more comfortable on a Tiki 26.  That model was the first Wharram I ever saw and it was in Wales tacking in and out of Fishguard every single day no matter what the weather.  Never met Ian, but he certainly handled that boat skillfully.  It is still my favorite model.  Ann and Nev

What I meant was in standar trim. From the "floor" (original location) to the underside of the cabins (original location).

Note taken on the posible relocation of the floor or bunk level.

Seems everyone thinks it´s best to go for the tiki 26 straight. Then again if I asked between the T26 and the T30 I guess the votes would go to the bigger one too.

Regards and thank you for your help.

Sitting on the floor (sole), my head is sticking out of the hatch in my Tiki 21. Lying down there is plenty of room, but you can't sit up - hands and knees and elbows.

Thank you for the answer, would you measure that distance for me?

I am thinking about building with raised cabin tops, like a Tiki 21 that is on sale in the forum, would that increase windage too much???


I like your thinking here. Long ago when I was less grumpy and wharram news arrived by snail-mail the Seapeople carried an article from down-under from a chap who was cruising the east coast of Australia in a TIKI21 with a pramhood / tent arrangement on one hull which allowed him to cruise/cook/sleep without putting up a deck shelter/decktent every evening. From the photos he sent it looked like he was having the trip of a lifetime...    from photos published here recently I do'nt think the extra windage too much but I do not sail a 21.

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