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I bought some secondhand Tiki 21 Jeckell sails over the winter. I have a working jib and genoa. Both these sails have a luff wire and do not have hanks to bend the sail onto the forestay. 

I have arranged a jib halyard and a tensioner at the tack. This all works ok, but raising the foresails is not easy. When raising the either sail, because the luff is loose, the sail can easily catch the wind and form a parachute pulling the boat from facing into the wind. From then onwards, it gets more difficult!

I'm not sure if I have the arrangement right. Should there be a shackle that goes around the forestay at the head. This might help, but I still see problems. Perhaps there's a technique to raising these loose luff foresails ?

Any guidance or thought would be appreciated.


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Yes, you should have a shackle of some type at the head. A soft shackle is fine.

In order to prevent (somewhat) the sail from billowing during the raise, you need to get it up really fast. Hoist by hand quickly, wrap the winch as soon as it tops and grind it taught.

I am sure that a sailmaker can add hanks fairly inexpensively if the above does not help enough.

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