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G'day, I am looking for feedback or comments from Tiki 21 or 26 owners about the Wharram-designed deck tent (pros and cons).  We will be sailing in cold water/cool climates.  Thanks for that.  Cheers

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Will do Ian

some photos of the frame supplied by Wharram. I have taken photos of with a tape measure. If you need angles or a confirmation on the measurement please ask. 

There are 8 straight pieces. 2 for the top join and 4 lower angles. Plus the two double poled hinges. 

Straights are 785mm long total and 680mm between sleeves. 

2 x small angles are 160mm from end to bend

4 x angles are 350mm end to end and 185mm ish to mid point. 

Hinges are 335mm ish from end to hinge


Jay, many thanks for your efforts. Much appreciated and save me lots of work. I hope the tent works well for you and we look forward to pictures of your adventures.

Brexit means Brexit, so I've started trading with China. For some details on my deck tent project see my blog. 

If the tent is good enough I can sail away to Europe ... can't I ?

G'day mate. I am Gerry on big tane. I just left an meassage to bart koop on how i made an cover for an old boat i had. Please have an read of it if you can. It may help you out but i will be posting the new one that i am going to put on my tanenui 28.
The point i have to make is that the mast has to go on the forward beam than the cover can be left up while sailing and folded back when you drop the sail. Where do you live, i am in Burrum heads. Is that anywhere close to you?. if so i may be of help to you regarding the tent.
Gerry on big tane.
Tanenui 28.

Thanks for the comments Gerry, I'll follow your posts with interest. Also thanks for the offers of help, unfortunately Burrum Head turns out to be 16,525km for me! All the best. Ian

It may be total heresy to suggest this here, but Richard Woods had a super easy and functional deck tent for his Strider Clubs in his "Daysail to Russia" video on Youtube. I plan on sewing one up with UD nylon for Beto.

Thanks for the link Brad. Those tents do look good. Their shapes are not dissimilar to the Wharram design, but look easier to put up. The Woods might have a bit more room below meaning the tent height is less important. Woods also makes better use of the shrouds etc. for support. I think a bit more head room is useful. The tent shown on my blog is great in this respect. It's really nice to be able to stand when setting up frame beds or sorting out cooking stuff and kit.

My plan is to try out the original Wharram design tent I have, then I could be tempted into working on new designs (I'm thinking air beams)

The Wharram design definitely looks very rigid and spacious. I like that you can use it to dodge some spray as well. I just don't have the $ for it right now. Anxious to see how yours turns out, Ian. 

G'day Scott.
Gerry on big tane.
Have an look at the recent photo i just posted.
The tent could do with condut for framing but the shade cloth is an start as it is secured over the boom, and guy lines to the stays. Overall an very easy way of putting up an shade tent. You probaly could add over some bimini material to keep the rain of. The main point is that this is an afordable opiton for you to think of and an easy way of putting up an tent..
Gerry on big tane.

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