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Tiki 21 custom deck tent. Made in 2009 from Sunbrella - lightly used. Any interest - its not getting any use? Price negotiable - postage could be a challenge because of the fold up alu frame.

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What type of poles are used for the support? Is it water proof? How much space does it take up when it's put away? 


Hi Brandon,

There are a couple of curved alu tubes - I have attached another picture and you can see them folded down in the stowed position at the back of the boat. The tent is different to most in that it covers the entire boat from front to rear beam. It is quite bulky and fills a good sized sail bag when stowed. The tubes come apart and fit in the hulls. It was made by the boat's builder and they used it to cruise extensively in Alaska. The rear part of the tent (over the deck) is dry, but it looks like water could get in around the mast in a downpour. I have only had it up once.



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