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An introduction to NAVIGATION Balkan Style...
Keep Shunting, Balkan Shipyards

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It may be a surprise to some that a "luddite" is not, historically, a person who wants to break machines but a person who objected to the use of apprentices  (ie children) for skilled work, displacing at a lower rate, those skilled workers paid at a higher rate. Luddites broke the machines that symbolised and effected their exploitation.

No surprise to me that, historically, the meaning of the name  "luddite" was morphed into someone who objects to "progress". Trust me, I was brought up in Nottingham and know about these things...a rebel town (eg chartist riots) if there ever was one. To get the feel of it, listen to contemporary duo Sleaford Mods, popular in UK but also and maybe more so in France...

But to the electronics and consumerworld of boats. Just now I'm making a switchboard with Smiths marine instruments, ie speedo/log (new!) and an Incastec depth sounder (new!) I bought 30 years ago for a very few quid. I have recently bought a Chinese fusebox/switchbox, because no other seemed available other than a German one: but here in the UK we are very uncertain about import tariffs etc now that a minority of our population have taken us out of the EU....so a cheap Chinese one through gritted teeth.

These are the parameters I am using for navigation, with paper charts and a basic handheld Etrex GPS for a lat/long fix when required.

My phone is a secondhand castoff from my partner, which will probably be obsolete when they knock off 3G next year or so. No apps whatsoever so far. Nice big crack on the screen.

Off Dungeness in July, a Border or Naval vessel approached me - the poor bloke had to get out of his cabin and actually speak to me over the water:

"Got no radio?"


"What's the boat called?"

I point to the name on the side.

I have got a VHF licence though.

I don't go to sea to listen to people or talk to people. I go there to get away from them.

Keep shunting Rael, love your videos (on my Chinese computer.... oh...

Yep, capitalism= "progress"  that is destroying the natural world as we know it....)


  Interesting mail Ian, a good read that goes a step deeper... Was my pleasure.

Some friends say I'm a rebel, I always considered myself to be the black sheep, I watch the herd from the outside and wonder is all this truly happening.....???.....

  Growing up I constantly heard "computers is the future..." I'm typing on one at the moment, though I never liked electronic stuff, since they can fail at any time without warning... That I always knew, so we don't get along. 

  A modern irrigation system that saves water, by using tiny jets that drip just enough water for maximum performance at minimum cost I love. Kite surfing is amazing, high tech to the limits, and reliable too. The word technology means electronics to many, as if no electronics, no technology... The Proa is a technological wonder in my opinion, yet involves zero electronics, my new Proa build is from that school, the old school... The you can see the problem, school.

  How can I trust a black box, that I don't understand, I don't know what it contains and I don't know who made it? What secrets were designed into it?? has it got a 'Break by Date'??? I drive an Opel Corsa made in 1984 What a car! I crossed Europe east to west and back with him, Bulgaria to England and return, I saw dozens of 10 to 15 year old cars, broken down on the way as they wait for the tow truck. Some smart sensor that does something clever packed in, next, engine cuts out and it's game over. My car goes just fine without them, and when he breaks, you see the problem, I fix it and go.....

  I enjoyed the freedom of capitalism, yet I feel that it's rotten from the roots, since money is power, so the more you have, it seems the more you can do... Some of the mega rich, are committing crimes against humanity to such a degree, that has never been seen in history. 

  The planet is wrecked my friend, I fear survival may soon be on the agenda... It's great to chat with people that understand the herd, thanks! There may yet be a speck of hope...

Keep Shunting Ian, the force is with U.


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