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I am curious what the Tangaro Mk IV and Raka hull widths are.

It's not worth buying study plans for them to find out as it's mostly curiosity.

Was hoping someone might know. I do have to say I am quite fascinated by  them. 

Cheers, Allen

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Tangaroa: 5' 8", 1.73m

Raka:  4' 9", 1.45m

From the Design book

Thanks Chuck,
That information is in the design book?
I have the digital version but didn't see that in it.

I'll look again & see what other information I've missed.
Thanks again.

Cheers, Allen
Well I'll be darned! For some reason I didn't get part of design book loaded correctly!
But I got it now. :-)
This is great.

Cheers, Allen

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