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hi, can anyone explain me or inform where can I see photos or drawings of how slats of the fore deck are tied to hull / beams in a Tiki 38 or another similar design with this kind of deck? I'd like to learn which is the best manner to do it.

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what about the plans?

My slats are screwed with ss screws to the rafters. Some others lash them.

The rafters themselves are lashed to the supports on the tumble home at one end, and fit into the mast beam/case at the other end.
Tell me more about your boat, how does it perform under sail. I am launching soon and I am anxious to see that.

On the Tiki 46 the deck slat beams fit in holes which trap them at the center line at one end and have U shaped supports at the hull sides for the other end of the slat beams. There has never been any problem. I understand from Tiki 46 hull #3 that when Bob Kupps sailed in rough weather, the slats came free and drifted off. That is why we lashed ours. It works well and we have sailed in rough weather so it is tested and true.

While on the subject, we have made our starboard side slats alongside of the cockpit, lift up using hinges at the cockpit edge. This allows access to a shelf which Nev made down under the cockpit coamings to hold our propane tanks which are kept in place with a removable rail and lashings. Works for us.
There are the approx. 50x50mm cross beams perpendicular to the mast case. One end of the beams rests in holes in the mast case, the other end on blocks glued and screwed to the deck. The slats are then screwed to these beams. Beat Rettenmund on Aluna lashed his down rather than screw them down. It seemed to work very well. I preferred it to the screw method the plans specify. Beat also told me he had to add some extra reinforcing timber under the decks to stop some of the yielding in the slats when walked on.
tks to all for your answers.
i attach a pic of how they are fitted in kaimiloa, with "u" devices and thin ropes. seems not to be very strong in case of rough weather. what do you think? would you change that system?

jacques, kaimiloa is still in culatra preparing to cross to brazil; a friend will deliver it to angra and i'll pick up there and go down to uruguay, my country. so very few sailing with her up to now.
Hi Luis,
The ties on those slats look good to us. What are all those lovely bamboos being used for?
Ann and Nev
tks ann and nev.
does tiki 46 have the same system?
i understand that you think in rough whether waves won't lift them, do you?
bamboos were kept by seller; i have similar bamboos in my country and will use them for the battens of the junk sail my wife made for a rubens nymph's bolger i recently built.

Ann and Neville Clement said:
Hi Luis,
The ties on those slats look good to us. What are all those lovely bamboos being used for?
Ann and Nev

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