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The Jester Medal, awarded to a member or non-member of the Ocean Cruising Club who has made "An outstanding contribution to the art of siglehanded sailing" in a vessel of 30ft or less overall, goes to Rory McDougall. Rory built his own boat at a young age and made a solo circumnavigation in it. Rory’s boat, a Wharram Tiki 21 design, is a very small catamaran designed for coastal trekking with minimal accommodation. 

Rory McDougall holds the record as the person who has sailed the smallest catamaran (21ft LOA) round the world. He accomplished this voyage between 1991 and 1997 with a lengthy break in New Zealand. He sailed long stretches single-handed and some of it with one crew. He did a remarkable voyage, encountering very severe weather on a number of occasions. He has been an excellent contributor to the Jester Challenge, and despite the small size and slightness of his boat, only missed out on being first to Newport by a few hours in 2010.

For Rory, following your dreams is a mantra he lives by. At 19 Rory's dream was to circumnavigate with the smallest multihull. He built Cookie, a Wharram Tiki 21 catamaran near Totnes, Devon in 1991. Six years of incredible adventures later, Rory had sailed round the globe and voyaged far within himself. Cookie became the smallest catamaran to circle the world. 13 years on with adventures of marriage and family life being enjoyed, it was also time to test the Rory & Cookie partnership again! Rory entered the Jester Challenge 2010 from Plymouth to Newport, following the footsteps of the OSTAR. 34 days of upwind struggle, Cookie was pipped to the post by just 2 hours. It is believed Cookie is the smallest catamaran to sail the upwind route across the North Atlantic. Cookie now rests on a River Exe mooring, patiently awaiting the nest adventure with Rory.......

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Fantastic achievement !!

We met Rory at the boat show in South Hampton UK while we were building our Tiki 46, Peace IV.  I looked all over that wee boat of his and marveled at how tiny she was and how young and wonderfully alive he was living life to the fullest.  This was maybe the year 2000 or so.

After the Newport race, we tried to be in touch with Rory because we were moored nearby, but communication was difficult so no meeting happened.  But we went down and visited with Cookie and she was so dainty on the water and so tiny.  Brave wee boat!

Congratulations to Rory and Congratulations to Cookie!

Ann and Nev (we are now port officers for the Ocean Cruising Club in Oriental, North Carolina and our boat is for sale)

Excellent news, well deserved !!

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