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I have seen a pahi42 that I was/am interested in, it is in a bad shape the hulls have had some dammage

and have been patched up on the inside below the waterline, I was also able to poke my finger though

the hull just forward of the first crossbeam right at the corner. some of the deck structure is also showing

some signs of rot. same as the hatches.

now my quistion is, would it possible to reskin (take the old bad plywood out and replace it with new one)

anyone taking on this kind of work with good result?

will appreciate your comments.



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Any wooden boat can be repaired, given enough time and money. The best decision you could make would be knowing when not to attempt it. This would be an example of when paying for a proper survey would be worthwhile. It's pretty much given, whatever damage you currently see, there's much more that's hidden.


Walk away mate.Find another project boat.

If the boat is as rotted as it sounds, the price should be minimal if not completely free. Patching a plywood/composite boat is fairly straight forward and generally inexpensive, but can be quite time consuming.

With any rot on a boat, what you want to look for is good wood, not more rot. How much good wood it has will tell you how much of the skin you will need to replace and if the job is worth taking on at all. A square of rot will usually require a patch considerably larger so that you can sister new wood to old good wood at the stringers. If the stringers are bad in too many places then definitely walk away, unless you are taking possession for the parts (i.e.: masts, sails, winches, ground tackle, etc.), then burn the boat.

I have seen people take more time and money to repair a boat than to build a new one.

Thank you for the replyes it is proberly the best thing to leave this boat and look elswere for another. the present owner seems to have taking most of the fittings/equipment away already anyways.

well he did go down to something a little above 10000 euro.

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