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This is for Wharram people with dogs OR people who have trouble using the ladders to enter the hulls.  IS it possible to design steps going down into the hulls of the Wharram boats (the larger models, in particular the Narai Mrk IV or similar) for dogs or people with mobility issues?  I am getting a Service Hearing dog soon that might be 40 or so lbs, which I feel is easy to carry into and out of hulls BUT there's a chance he will be over 50 lbs, which I am not sure how easy that will be.  We are planning the flexispace interiors so I am just wondering what other people have done with their dogs on Wharrams and if it's possible to design more gradual steps into the hulls...  Thank you!

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Ahoy Kristen,

     On the Narai MKIV, the cockpit is located abaft the starboard cabin according to plan.  On Kaimu, the original builder made this into a pilothouse, eliminating the bunk below it.  The pilothouse sole is at the level of the bunk in the stock plans.  The second builder knocked out an opening between the pilothouse and the cabin space directly in front of it.  He had a dog and I'm guessing he did this so that his dog could bound down into the pilothouse, which is only two steps, and then down a step into the cabin.

     In any of the classics, if you can make access to one of the bunks in that hull, then your puppy can make his way below.

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