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Hi Guys

I want to redesign the pod/cockpit from my tiki 38 in a radical way to fit all the needs i have in mind.

i have been reading in this website but cannot find any information regarded of what i am thinking of.

the designing is of course always a compromise , and i will try to look for the medium term between weight and a safe cozy liveable space.

in our cruising experience we were feeling very unhappy either under the sun or by heavy rain. the cockpit is where we spend 70% of the time :  we do all our activities there : eat, hang out when breezy, drive the boat, taking naps , and so forth...

the design from Wharram has the main advantages of low windage and low weight. but its not compatible with our cruising style, we need something more adapted to present cruising times and female's requirements.

I made a hard top of PVC sheets that worked wonderful , but i made some small mistakes that will force me to redesign it and I am thinking in making a redesign from the entire cockpit from scratch... and let the present cockpit as a spare part waiting for the day that i will sell the boat, in case the (future) buyer is interested.

I researched online , and i have a nice collection of photos and ideas, but would be nice to have even more. I saw some partial views from Ron Hall's pod that look interesting.

i might start a web blog dedicated to that to post the design process (i plan to make it in the free version of google sketchup)

a swift design list : rain catcher, hold the large solar panels , electric panels, water maker , water tanks, fridge and freezer, seats, watch berth, standing height, table, helmsman seat , centralized sheets, and more...


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what, no walk-in closet?

hahaha Chuck, almost

i have seen pretty nice pods like on Touch wood, lipa lipa, natural high, al raso or  two ticks, . the one i made works fine , even in windy conditions (tested up to 50 kn of wind at anchor and 35 kn in open waters). i made the hard top of PVC in 2 sections joined by a metal tubing and the mast is in between

,  and let a gap between those 2 sections to hold the mizzen sail , so they are not projecting shadows to the solar panels. to avoid get hurt in my head i closed the gap between the 2 sections with an awning fabric, which is soft and also (almost) waterproof. 

in the real world it was tricky to put the sail down or make the reefing, so next time i might make the gap between the 2 sections (each holding one large 210 w solar panel) a little bit wider. so i can make the reefing from the security of the cockpit. the 2 section hardtop is holding the solar panels, and act a rain catch. the pvc panels are a nice material to work with , smooth and easy to paint. very light too and not affected by salt water.

will try to find some photos to post here.

thank you jacques

where i can see photos from tinto? i was looking some in this webpage but was not lucky

Le plancher est descendu de 8 cm, il faut faire attention avec le mat et faire plus large la partie haute du cockpit car le mat en penchant appuie sur les montants


thank you roux

the pod looks really good.

à bientôt

I lowered the cockpit folly on my boat approx. 10cm (same height as the outboard pods) and then put a roof over the cockpit giving approx. 2 m standing head room behind the steering wheel. that much would not have been required but it more prevents banging your head when leaving the cockpit. the most recent addition is a tent which stretches from one hull to the roof and then to the other hull, now I can get in rain from one side to the other without getting wet. It is made that that the sails can be operated with the tent up.
Apart from this the cockpit is as per plans and I think it is fairly habitable and also practical without disturbing the looks of the boat apart from the tent (pictures can be seen on my page).
Initially I thought the original cockpit is a bit weird but after some time I really start to appreciate it (with the lowered floor).

If I have to build a Tiki38, I'll build a pod in front of the cockpit as with the Tiki30 or Tiki36 and a bimini above the cockpit.

In this configuration I'm sure the total windage should not be more higher than with the standard cockpit and the comfort, security and living space will be greater.


Bertrand , one of the ideas I have under consideration is the same as you propose here which has very interesting advantages.

I am in the process in collecting  as many ideas as I can and on the other hand i try to figure out a list of pros and cons of the different options... I want to place all the boat's systems and the weight  in the cockpit (close to the gravity center) , I am even evaluating to switch to a diesel motor instead the 2 9.9hp yamahas.

All those considerations are now on the design table to find the best solution for our long range cruising lifestyle. each boater has different needs and expectations and i do not expect that a solution that works for someone will work for me or vice versa , but get other people's experiences is always helpful to find the particular solution we need for this case.


Je ne sais qui avait dessiné ceci mais je le remercie et me permet de le partager




Hi Roux

As for now this is the best idea i've seen... its possible to have get the original size photos of the drawings to see it with more detail?

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