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Hi All,

I am about to order plans for a Tiki 26 which I hope to start building in the next few months. I am wondering if there is anything I need to look out for when getting started or any building equipment that is "invaluable". I'm hoping to learn from others mistakes as much as I can.


Looking forward to your replies.


Cheers, Marty.

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Omar, the method you suggested is how I'll build my (I think it will be a Tangaroa Mk IV stretched 2'-6", still trying to find out more about the Narai Mk II tho) even the Sticky Stuff Pump Dispenser, plus it can use the disposable Static Mixers for bigger layups. I think Raka.com has the best deal on them, at least free shipping. 

I come from Contractor & Homebuilt Airplanes (EAA) background. The hulls go together pretty quick but as you say, their in your way for all the other work.

When you build it like a kit, pre-cutting and building everything you can. Then when you assemble the hulls, Bam! It goes so much faster that it really helps with motivation.

When we start we're all excited, that's the best time to do as much of the work that doesn't show much progress. Then when enthusiasm is waning some, the hull sgo together fast & all the pre-made parts & pieces go on them to really look like something! 

To me efficiency makes a tremendous difference in how quick or how long a project takes. It's amazing how much time setting up for different cuts or jobs take on a project vs setting up once (or as few times as possible) and being finished with that operation, speeds up the whole project, a major time saver.

Cheers, Allen

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