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People of the Sea. James Wharram and Hanneke's new book.

I have just bought my copy of this book which has been awaited for with great anticipation for some time.  I thoroughly recommend it. Excellent photographs and diagrams and a fascinating insight into the life of James Wharram, Jutta, Ruth and Hanneke and all involved in the Wharram Catamaran World.

James is certainly a pioneer and has enabled such a huge number of people to be able to safely enjoy both coastal and ocean catamaran sailing.

Don Brazier

Narai IV. "Katipo"

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I’m half ways through reading and can’t put it down. Fantastic tales, history being made and consideration of the world in which we live and how to live it on a different path... loving it!

It´s a wonderful, interesting and inspiring book. The only disadvantage: it´s too heavy to read in bed ;-)


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