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I am new to this Forum. I'd like some advise on places to sail. I'm of the opinion that to buy or build a boat in South Africa (where I reside) is probably not the best option. So I'm thinking of buying a boat somewhere nice and go sail there on holidays. Family should be able to come an visit, flying from South Africa

Your thoughts on this will be appreciated


Manie Warren

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Reading your question, I wonder if chartering maybe the best option for you. Just a thought
Thanks Brett. I'll look into that!

You can buy plans from Wharrams to build one!

We are so lucky, someone really good worked it out for us!

Yes, I have great respect for James Wharram

Hi Manie, i'm a South African living on the island Nosy Be, Madagascar. Built a 42ft Pahi 13 years ago and sailed it here from Cape Town.

You might like to talk to Gary in Richards Bay - he recently finished a 42 Pahi and wanting to sail here but still in RB till i think July_August.

Hope you get answers on costing as of recently.

Dries de Jager

Gary's No is +27 74 193 8838

Thanks for your response and info!

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