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I looking into replacing an outboard for a Tiki 21. I've used a 4HP Yamaha 2-stroke and feel it a bit under powered against wind and tide. When it's working hard it's noisy and drinks up the fuel.

I wondering if a 6HP 4-stroke would be a better choice. Any advice or experience would be appreciated.

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That's a fast and nice answer, thanks. I am looking to the 6HP Tohatsu since it is not heavier than smaller of same brand, and may provide some electrical power, as I understand.

Last questions: you tie your engine while sailing because you cannot raise it enough until it clics", or only to feel safe? Is it well out of the water?

Thanks again,7,5knots is a very good speed under engine.

Thanks again,


I also tie my 25" Tohatsu up while sailing. Just a loop of rope around the leg and then to a cleat on the beam. It will not raise high enough to "click". When set down it is deeper than the hulls, but has a "shallow water" setting (first "click") that allows you to use it when running the boat ashore etc.

The Yamaha 8 and 9.9 hp motors are the same block. The six is a smaller block and weighs less. If you want to motor into ocean waves and/or high winds then a six hp would be my choice. If you only want to motor in and out of the marina/ harbour the a 2.5 or 4 would be all right. It all depends on what you expect of a motor. A 25" shaft is MUCH better than a shorter shaft. There is a company who makes shaft extension kits for many outboards http://www.baymfg.com/. They work well. This allows the motor to be low enough to reduce ventilation and still keep the motor head further away from the water.


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