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Hi, everyone.  Quick question: it would be slightly easier for me to coat the interior surfaces of all panels, then glue the butt joints. It's just harder to find a safe place to let them cure if they're already joined into the longer sections.


But I'm not sure if butting the alread-coated panels would be as strong as butting bare plywood.  Does it matter? 



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a chemical joint will always be far superior to a mechanical joint ie sanding epoxy coating before glueing.on my first hull i did what you proposed and as far as i can see it will be fine,remembering it will be glassed too.

but to be honest i think both techniques are fine as long as the surfaces are clean and well prepped.

If you sand the surfaces to be glued well, it is no problem.
My plans said to first coat the internal surfaces, and then do the joints. For sure you need sanding in between. So far I could not see any problems.

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