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The Polynesian Catamaran Association has a new website including a complete collection of

all 75 of The Sea People magazines! (well, we are missing one)



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Bill, thank you very much for all your effort to get these mags online.

I got my first mag when I was 24 {issue 35},  & just fell head ova heels with the WHARRAM. I will be getting a KINDLE to load them onto. 

Once again THANK YOU..


Thanks a lot! Simply fantastic!

hi, Hanneke ,

now i  have all your photos in my collection , wonderfull , the heightie's freedom !

thank you Bill and Houston for your great work .

Hanneke Boon said:

We are delighted that the wealth of information in the Seapeople Magazines is now available to all. Thank you Bill and Houston. Look forward to the even earlier Sailorman magazines to be added to the collection. A real bit of Wharram history. Will be doing a feature on it on wharram.com very soon.

Anita Hook has written me that she has a copy of the missing mag and is willing to post it to you.  Please let me know if you are still interested.  Ann

Well done Bill & Houston!

I can only imagine the time it took to set this up??!! You have without doubt created a portal to the past world of Wharram cats and sailors and all the valuable knowledge and inspiring adventures they portray. This will no doubt be a huge resource of inspiration to generations of builders and sailors to come.

Happy sailing to both of you!

Rory,not to blow smoke up your proverbial but I have enjoyed your articles in the p.c.a immensely.I was wondering tho what made you change your mind to continue your voyage from N.Z  as whilst there you thought about not continuing on the trip?

Yes Rory, it is your fault if i hassel Anita to receive the last issue of your aventures around the world . Like Paul, i think you are not the least to have participate to the magic of PCA !

Thank a lot to Anita for going on sending the goods,in difficult moment . I still prefer the smell of the recycled paper moist of the british weather ( or your basement ?). But now  the totality avalaible with all the James letters is really a good job and a nice story of passionates i will read slowly this winter .

Wow, Thanks, that's a greate site, like an early christmas present!

Would be even better if there were the "index to designs" matrix on top of the list (which design is featured in which issue).

Hello Ralf, Thanks for the kind words. I agree, an index to designs would be great. There used to be one on the Austrian Wharram site but that site is sadly gone now. I did try to make the issues a little more transparent as to content by presenting the table of contents before downloading each issue. If anyone has the interest/time to make a complete index of designs and issues we would be happy to post it.

Wow, Thanks, that's a greate site, like an early christmas present!

Would be even better if there were the "index to designs" matrix on top of the list (which design is featured in which issue).

Bill - what an awesome job you've done!

Greetings All,

The PCA Archive is now complete! Happy New Year!

You now have access to all 108 issues that the PCA ever published.

Special thanks to Nico Boon and his daughter Marijke for scanning and sending us the missing Sea People Magazine #60. You will notice that Nico wrote "93" on the cover. He numbers them this way because there were 33 issues of The Sailorman so if you view these as one collection Sea People #60 would be #93.

Fair winds to all in this new year.

Bill & Houston

Hi, does anyone know what happened to the PCA website?

I cannot open it, it looks like it had been deactivated.

Is there any other access to this wonderful collection of the old Sea People magazines?

Thanks for any help


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