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The Polynesian Catamaran Association has a new website including a complete collection of

all 75 of The Sea People magazines! (well, we are missing one)



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Thanks, it's a very good notice!!


Fantastic news. Seapeople magazine was a great way to inspire a sailing 'dream' then some ideas of how to make the dream a reality. 

I like dreaming about boats and sailing. Better than working.....


Wonderful,compare those articles to some of the crap written in between the ads in some sailing mags.

OK avec Paul



I just wanted to acknowledge the time and effort Bill Barker put in to preserve in electronic format the wealth of information and inspiration contained in all these back issues of Sailorman and SeaPeople. And this might also be an appropriate time to thank James, Ruth, and Hanneke once again for designing the boats and showing a way. 

Three Cheers to one and all for the mags getting on line!   Much Love,  Ann and Nev

We are delighted that the wealth of information in the Seapeople Magazines is now available to all. Thank you Bill and Houston. Look forward to the even earlier Sailorman magazines to be added to the collection. A real bit of Wharram history. Will be doing a feature on it on wharram.com very soon.

This is a wonderful resource - thank you!


Which Sea People are we missing? I'll take another look through my 'archives'.

Issue 60

Bob Bois said:


Which Sea People are we missing? I'll take another look through my 'archives'.

Thank you all for your kind words, we are very pleased everyone is enjoying them! Cheers.

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