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Health forces sale.
Upper Chesapeake location.
Solid build in 1990.
Has circumnavigated.
Last 6 years has been on hard being refurbished in covered shed.
Hulls are apart right now.
I'd say it's in the 85% range of completion and hesitate calling this a project boat.
Beams are not the pocketed design.
Newer main engine with very low hours.
7 sails.
Contact for more info, pics, work done, work yet to be done, ect.

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Build yer own! Give up the videogaming habit! Get epoxy pox like a real man/woman! Stick two fingers up to consumer capitalist climate -heating society! Pay exponential yard fees! Get loads of wankers next to you in the yard or on moorings covering your boat with toxic shit they sand off their scrappers! Buy 10000 pairs of nitrile gloves! Buy crap plywood which rots! Buy good plywood which destroys forests and orangutans! Sail downwind! Suffer upwind! Complete the unfinished plans you bought! Buy a snorkel for your outboard! Wonder why your sail snags on the rigging! Design your own wheel steering! Work out ways of stopping rot! Choose Wharram choose Life! and...

Never ever look at other boats which are truly not in the same league ...

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