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Does anyone have pics or drawings of a Narai Mk IV with Schooner Wingsail Rig that would be kind enough to post them here or give link to see them?

I got my Narai Mk IV plans (Yea!) and will be getting the Design Improvement Package 2 and Schooner Wingsail drawings, but have to wait a bit to buy them.

I haven't seen a Narai with Schooner Wingsail rig pics or drawings yet and just wanted to see what she looks like with the Schooner Wingsail.

Also, do the masts set in the same position with the Schooner Wingsail rig as they do with the Ketch rig shown in the plans?

I'll be using the Tiki style Tabernacle in the Design Improvement Package 2 drawings if that makes a difference.

Cheers, Allen

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There seem to be only a small handful of people building the Narai IV. The only one I know of that plans to incorporate the Wingsail Rig is Tiger. Robbie has a profile on WharramBuilders, but has never posted, and he has gone semi-dark on his blog.

I was thinking that must be the case. Cuz I can't find much on the web about them, other than as you say about Robbie & Tiger.
I read through their web blog, right up until till it unfortunately fell silent.

How's progress coming on your Narai Mk IV?

It is a side project at the moment. There is still a Tiki 38 to finish. I have both backbones built as well as the crossbeams.

Eep. Mary here, the other half of the Tiger team. You're right, we have fallen silent. How embarrassing.

We're still building -- well, painting, actually -- but have been delayed but some much-needed house repairs. House repairs! I ask you! How can one sail a house?

Haven't gotten to the rigging yet. I'll check the mast position tomorrow and get back to you, Allen.

And believe me, you cannot possibly want to see a Narai Mk IV with a Schooner Wingsail more than I do!

LOL! Good to hear you guys are well and moving forward even if it is small steps currently. :-)

That would be great Mary.

Building Tiger was a big help in deciding to build to Narai Mk IV. I read every page and saved every pic!

Cheers, Allen

Oh my goodness! Thank you, Allen. I hope we'll all be delighted with our finished boats!

 Mary, what is the maximum sail area for the Narai Mk IV Schooner?

I haven't read the sail area of the Schooner Wingsail anywhere yet, guess not many Narai Mk IVs have been built since the Wingsail came out. 

Cheers, Allen

Hi Allen,

We're looking at our modifications package versus the original plans now.

The mast positions are significantly different between the two different rigs. With the wingsail schooner, the whole rig is shifted forward from the ketch. 

Just to keep things clear, we'll talk about the forward mast and the aft mast (avoiding the "main mast" potential morasse of confusion!)

In the ketch, the forward mast sits on top of Beam 2. In the schooner, the forward mast sits between Beam 1 and Beam 2.

In the ketch, the aft mast sits between Beam 3 and Beam 4. In the schooner, the aft mast sits on top of Beam 3.

Hope this helps!

We are also using the Tiki style tabernacle. (We haven't gotten that far yet!)

All the best,


Hi Allen,

For the schooner rig, the total of all three sails is 688 square feet. So Sayeth the design modification package.

Main: 245

Foresail: 258

Stay sail: 185

What a lot of sewing I will have to do...


Allen Bosely said:

 Mary, what is the maximum sail area for the Narai Mk IV Schooner?

I haven't read the sail area of the Schooner Wingsail anywhere yet, guess not many Narai Mk IVs have been built since the Wingsail came out. 

Cheers, Allen

Thanks much Mary!
Yes, I too will be seeing my sails, will be using Oceanus Ships Cloth, for a traditional look with 18" panels and the feel, look of natural canvas and hand sewn rings.

Cheers, Allen
Lol I had to go look at my Ketch sail plan page of plans! :-)

That's great, it sounds like it will make for a better layout on the beck than the Ketch. The Ketch has the aft mast so far aft any kind of little pod or cover and no place to put wheel & helm on deck very well.
But the Schooner rig sounds awesome.

If you don't mind me asking so many questions...
Does the aft mast have a tabernacle or beam going from beam 3 to 4 or does it sit only on beam 3?

And about haw far ahead of beam 2 does the front mast sit or how far behind beam 1?

Really looking forward to getting the Design Improvement Package & Wingsail drawings! :-)

Cheers, Allen

Allen, I'll check, but it won't be until Thursday -- I'm going away for a couple of days. Sorry!


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