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Hi I am looking at what I think is a Foam Core GRP Tanenui (advertised as Tiki 30) with some modifications.  I suspect this is the same yacht referred to by Raf in this thread:


advise given there is pretty clear, so not to repeat the question, but are Tanenui much different to the Tiki"s in terms of how the floats are attached??  From the images I can get from the internet the attachments do not seem to be strapped as per the Tiki.

The concern raised re the modifications in the previous thread was the lack of flexibility/cushioning in the joints.  so want to know if this issue would be the same as for a Tiki if the build was originally a tanenui?

Also it looks like the deck area is now solid - perhaps aluminium plate? - anyway some discussion on the Tanenui suggests the slatted deck allowed water to wash through.  Do you think this is a concern on the modification.

I plan to have a look at her in a few days so any advice appreciated. 

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It doesn't look like a Wharram any more, too many modifications in my opinion. The most serious ones are the solid laminated aluminium beams ( I refer to the quoted thread) which will give no flexibility at all but increases stress at the beam/hull connections and, I am not very sure but it looks like, the reduced over all beam. If this is as it looks it will end up in a significat loss of stability. I personally would not consider this boat.

Regards, Armin

I agree the beam of the boat does look very narrow.

The way the main hatchways look like coffins would put me off, but that's just a personal view !

Thanks for taking time to reply all. It doesn't quite answer what I was after though - the tanenui is different boat to a tiki (from what I can tell through internet research) they have a narrower beam and were designed to be built in foam core GRP. From what I can tell the beams were not designed to be lashed. If that is confirmed or I could see drawings of the original connection plans the mods may not be as sus as thought. PS agree re the coffin entrances, and too much windage with the extended cabin, but they are relatively easier fixes.

Thanks again for your responses.

From the photos it looks like someone has built this using the original plans as a starting point, then just added his own ideas along the way. Quality of build looks good though. Some of the classic Wharrams could be built in foam sandwich so that is not unusual, but the beam construction definitely is! Also there are no true Wharram designs with beams solidly fixed to hulls, although there are a number modified to be rigid. That does require a lot of extra strengthening around the beam/hull attachment point. Difficult to say if the narrow beam is correct, some of the earlier designs were narrower. Fitted carpet.....! As is this might make a nice river cruiser with an electric outboard, for open sea you need to do a lot of re-building imho.

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