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Hi, all.  My completed but neglected Melanesia is available to anyone who would be interested in getting it back on the water.  Plans included (sailing version, #696).  The hull is sound but needs sanding, epoxy re-coating and paint.  Homemade sail present, in (I believe) usable condition and laced to homemade spars which have deteriorated to the point that they probably need replacing.  Outrigger float and poles will need to be replaced.  Steering paddle and (2) propulsion paddles are in good condition and available with the boat.

I'm planning to move in a few months or so, and won't be able to take the boat with me.  I would love the boat to go to another Wharram enthusiast or somebody with ties to the cultures of the Pacific.

Located in Fort Collins, CO.  I can help load on your vehicle, but I will not transport it beyond city limits myself.

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