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Maholo Kiko,

kai mu for you,


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Wow!  Those guys certainly know how to sail that canoe...

Thanks for sharing this.

Kiko was instrumental in helping Glenn Tieman set up his tama moana at the launching:

Left to right: Glenn, Kiko, and myself. 

I'll see if I can find the video of Kiko and several other canoes on a sail around the coast of the big island. . .beautiful.

good work Kim.

Nice picture.  Kiko gets around.

Here's the Youtube thread: Sailing with Cap'n Kiko

Wow, is that Pohoiki at the end?



Mahalo Kim

This is legit!

Oh Andy, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Seeing these videos is just what the dream factory needs, work gets in the way and allows doubts to flourish!

The parts one and two of 180 Da'grees north,... oh man oh man, bring me that horizon!!!

Thanks again Andy, building the dream and living the dream, gotta make it happen!


Ahoy Brad and Shaun,

     The posting was from Gary Dierking's website and I go there often to see what's up.  Kiko launched Spirit of Gaia, so he does get around. 

     The reality here is that I've decided not to leave port until the most recent nests (3) of swallows has fledged out and are flying.  I think I killed the last batch during choppy Chesapeake Bay weather.  I feel guilty.  They are marvelous birds, zooming around and gobbling up any insects.  No mosquitos.

     Check out grillabongquixotic's blog, If you can.

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