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Does somebody know a tiki 26 for sale?  

if possible not to far from the netherlands..



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Hi Bart,

there are two on Scott Browns site: multihulls.uk.com

One in Ireland and one in Italy (oups, just saw that this one is sold already)

Best regards


The german multihull.de offers 2x26 and a 27.
Maybe the 27 is interesting? New, looks like high end finish and germany is close.

Hi Martin and Jorg, Thanks for your reply's . I had found scott browns site, but Ireland and italy are a bit far to take a look.. The three boats on multihull.de and the site itself are new to me, I am going to watch that one. 

The 27 is close but unfortunatly is the price a bit high for me. 

Many thanks for your sugestions, to be continued.

Regards Bart

Bart, look everywhere! I'm in Southern California and found my t26 on Scott Brown's board. It was physically located on Bainbridge Island, Puget Sound, Washington state. That's 1135 + miles or 1826km. Way easier than building it! ;-)

I'm with Kim ^^

I guess you're right. Its just that i am not used to that, former boats where always available in the netherlands itself. And from Utrecht that's max 200 Km....

Kim, how did you pick the boat up? With a trailer?  In that case did you have drawing to make the stands for the hulls in advance?  

Bart, the original builder had built a custom trailer for the boat! It  had two large hinged arms on each side, one for the port hull, and another for the starboard hull.  The mast and beams lay under the hulls. Once you got to the water, you opened the hinges, which put the hulls the proper distance apart, lashed on the beams while fitting the cockpit, and (in my case) craned it into the water and set the mast.  On the Wharram board there are examples of simpler flatbed trailers with v-bunks for the hulls, etc.  Here is a shot of my rig at a rest stop in Northern California, on the way home:

Here's a shot of the trailer itself:

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