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LARGYALO will be crossing the Atlantic back to the Med in May. We are a bit short of crew and would prefer Wharram Friends to sail with us.
Start 11 may, St Maarten, arrival at the Acores in early june.
If interested, write to petra@largyalo.de

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FYI; not that there's anything inherently wrong with them doing it this way but initial disclosure might have been worthwhile. When I made an inquiry, I was told that the only real requirement is that you pay $50/day to crew for them. (In fact they told me in Euro's but it's about on par with the US$) It might save prospective volunteers a bit of time to know that as crew you are expected to pay for the privilege.

So unless you want to spend $50/day to work your way across the Atlantic and pay for someone else's sailing trip, keep looking. I am going to start another thread to explore this as it is not something I have ever come across before....

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