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Hello all,

A brief introduction. My name is Allen Bosely, I live on Big Island Hawaii. 

I have been pouring over designs, then finding James Wharram, his designs and community. Then learning about the different designs and finally falling in love one!

I have been smitten by the Hinemoa as you can probably tell. Read everything I can find and bought the study plans. Will be buying the plans in a bit.

I'll be ripping my timbers from 4x6 or 4x8 (as needed) #1 grade straight grain Douglas Fir and using Aquatech Meranti marine plywood and West System epoxy and either Gripfast SB nails or possibly checking out the new plastic nails & nail gun.

Will sheath the entire exterior in glass cloth. For exposed surfaces as I don't want to count on epoxy coating only. Building for the long term. 

Will be building her with the Tiki crossbeams & lashing upgrade and the Wingsail Rig upgrade.

Planning to build pretty close to plans.

Now some questions. :-)

When using the Tiki beams & lashings upgrade drawings, do they increase the beam?  

I thought I had read somewhere that the Tiki beams are longer so will increase the beam some. Which is fine by me if it does, I not wanting to change it one way or another. Just wondering if the upgrade to Tiki beams make for a bit wider beam & if so aprx how much.

Are the Tiki beams in the upgrade drawings the size used on the Tiki 21 or Tiki 26 or are they the same on the T21 & T26? 

If anyone has any information, pics or links to information, pics, drawings, modifications or upgrades/improvements etc. I'd sure appreciate it if you would share! 

Cheers, Allen


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Hi Allen - welcome! Great that you've found the Wharram community and the boats. I know that everyone has their own ideas as to which Wharram is the best for them, but I'm wondering why you want to build a Hinemoa now in 2015? The design is very old now compared to the Tiki range. Tikis were designed specifically for building with epoxy laminate, whereas the older Classic designs were not - even though of course they can be built successfully with contemporary techniques! I am no expert on the Tikis but I suspect it might be cheaper and quicker to build one compared to a Hinemoa....? Have you compared the materials lists? (or does anyone else know?)

Best of luck with your project anyway!


Well..... Now that you mention it. Lol

I got the Tiki 26 study plans today. Then realized there are two berths per hull instead of just one as I had misunderstood before.

That coupled with my sister and her husband being very interested in sailing also now. They live a mile from me & Shelly (my sister) are close & they have 5 kids 4 to 13 years old, they will be going with me a lot.

Shelly wants to build a Tiki 26 now also soon as the finish the house they are building! 

So I'm going to start mine before long here, they will come help me build mine then when their ready I'll help them. My bro inlaw has been a contractor for long time too. Plus Shelly can build & read plans & such with the best of them.

It should work out pretty nice if we both build the same model boat since the learning curve from building mine will help them. I'm sure they'll get their plans & start before mine if finished. 

Cheers, Allen 

Sounds like you have things sorted  then, but not so sure about your sister (I mean regarding them building a Tiki 26 for a family of 7!!!) Of course it'll make a great day boat, but you have big waves in your part of the worlld ;-). I have 3 kids now 15, 12 & 10, and they grow fast, so her 4 year old will be maybe 6-7 at least before the boat hits the water. So soon it won't be 2 adults + 5 kids, but 2 adults, 3 teenagers, 2 kids......of course depending on their plans for sailing. So what I'm saying is maybe they'll need a bit bigger Wharram...! And then there's always friends and kids' friends who want to come along too! (& dogs ;-))

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