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I know its not wharram related, but I thought someone might have some advise.  My inlaws have been helping out at an orphanage on the outskirts of Chaing Mai, Thailand.  The phone line is not good enough for dsl and they tried an air card.  The air card was very slow and the conection would time out if they tried to send a photo.  It was not fast enough for a majic jack phone call either.  What are thier options?  Satallite internet?  What company?

Thank you for the advise.


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Hi, internet connection is almost no so bad in Thailand and in CM, air card are in 3G only in Bangkok, Phuket and note sure in CM yet.

I was in CM and there is really good ADSL, if their line is not good enough they can ask another company like TRUE, TOT, 3BB or they can also request an technical visit from their actually internet provider, Thailand could be some times difficult but every thing is possible ! satellite internet is slow and expensive.

Hope was helpful for you.

Thank you!  I will pass this along to them.


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