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hello all,i am at it again looking to see what alternatives there are to the super expensive marine paints.i know kim has used moores porch paint on his tillers and swears by the stuff,could you use this as a hull paint.once again your advice will be most appreciated.


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We have had Glidden polyurethane oil based deck and porch paint on our boat for several years and it holds up amazingly well.  $22 per gallon.  Be sure to get the oil based polyurethane though.  For deck paint we use Baer additive for the non skid and it is good and safe under foot, but easy on bare bottoms when sun bathing.
thanks guys it seems there are realistic alternatives to the overpriced marine paints out there.

I am painting hulls , topside, interior with ALKYD gloss water based paint mono composant . The same molécules than oil paint but with water solvant. Very easy to paint with little foam roller , no odor , no need to clean the roller, without the time constraint of the bi composant . Two or three coat ..After 24 h very hard under the nail . It is  one of the most ecologic paint . Should not be painted  under  the rain !

I bought first 1 liter : http://www.plasticoque.com/peintures-yachting/plastilaque-180.html?...
for testing then 5 liter of generic alkyde paint , the one used for inter/ ext house wich is half the price than marine painting . for the moment i dont see diference .

A difficult one. I've tried floor paint on hull and wasn't impressed, not the brand you mention though. I tried epoxy paint and not pleased as it went cholky in a short time. Lets keep in mind the conditions in the tropics are harsh. Paint that are new are a mystery in their durability and protection property and to give it ago to them might result in very disastrous damages to your hard work and swetted money. Penny wise pound fool. I do prefer to spend the dollars for the best paint. Poly u 400 2 pack, is the most commonly used on boats here and is the only one I trust. Sounds like a commercial. sorry about that.

Try the nearest painter for cars to see what he can offer. Normally the paint for cars is cheaper.

After more than 10 years, on my current boat (red with a green band), the color is always brave like on a car.


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