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BOAT DESIGN from Balkan Shipyards. Our NEW BUILD. The HAVAYA 30/25.
The VIDEO below tells OUR STORY, from START to FINISH. Starting with a drawing, then a cardboard model. FINALLY a HULL is BORN....
Keep Shunting, BSY

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Dean Wilkerson said:

Correct Utube Link

Thanx! I corrected it now.... 

All the best Dean, wish u best of spring


I rather enjoyed the video.... particularly as I use a virtually identical technique and have a cardboard ama I made a year ago sitting on my desk.   If it wasn't for the surface tension of water, one could do it by weight.  Simply set a scale model in a container with a spout that you had weighed.  Push the hull down to the intended water line allowing the water to spill out, then measure the difference in weight, but surface tension and scale would be the "gotchas".   Surface tension could be addressed with a surfactant.... like dish soap, but the scale would have to be fairly large to avoid multiplying small errors into large ones.   On a 10% scale model, any error would increase 10 times.   I've often felt that multihulls should have a chart you can use to measure water level so you can judge load.   The Archimedies principle isn't it?

  I always knew that sinking a model in water won't really work...

It was just a feeling I had.... now I understand why I had that feeling.

Thanks for the input, we will just keep on doing it the way we do.

Keep Shunting, 


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